ALUMINUM NITRIDE - Unique combination of thermal conductivity and electrical insulating properties

A technically significant ceramic material, aluminum nitride (AlN) combines outstanding thermal conductivity with exceptional electrical insulating properties and a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

H.C. Starck’s application technology, production and product development areas have efficiently cooperated in the continuous, advanced development of the company’s AlN products based on these properties and specific customer needs.

Aluminum Nitride
As a result, our various grades of aluminum nitrides are now the preferred materials for challenging applications in power electronics.

It meets the highest standards as a substrate for semiconductor manufacturing, for components in automotive electronics and for cooling elements in LED lighting equipment. Other application areas include composite ceramics, such as for evaporation boats, as thermally conductive filler for polymers, electrical insulation for electronics components as well as crucibles for molten metal and molten salt. In addition, aluminum nitride is also used to manufacture silicon aluminum oxynitride (SiAlON).

Other nitride ceramic precursors by H.C. Starck include silicon nitride, boron nitride, titanium nitride and other nitride compounds.


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