Customized Ceramic Parts
Parts according to customer design, where the application of ceramics are needed to fulfill the demands of the application.
Si3N4, ZrO2, SSiC, SiSiC, Al2O3, andf Al2TiO5
  • thermal resistance up to 1,700°C
  • high abrasion resistance
  • high strength and extreme toughness
  • high resistance to chemical corrosion
  • electrically insulating or conductive (depending on material)
  • good thermal conductivity or thermal insulation (depending on material)
  • good tribological characteristics
  • low weight

Today’s engineers and designers rely on the properties of ceramics to an ever greater extent. As well as established applications such as rotary seals and pump bearings, new applications are being explored all the time. One such development is ceramic friction materials for clutches. Ceramics offer unbeatable combinations of properties, from wear and corrosion resistance, dimensional stability through to light weight and high temperature capabilities.


Product data sheet

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