Electron Beam Melting (EBM)

A number one priority for H.C. Starck is our contribution to the environment. To advance our sustainability development, we offer customers the unique service of recycling spent or used products through our electron beam melting (EBM) furnace.

Electron beam melting technology at H.C. Starck uses recycled molybdenum, tantalum and niobium as part of its raw material input. The process employs electrons to bombard the material in the EBM furnace, so the material melts and falls into a water-cooled copper mold where it solidifies into a round ingot. The ingot is then forged and formed into the desired shape.

Electron beam melting is carried out under high vacuum in the EBM furnace. In the instance of molybdenum, the elements with melting points lower than molybdenum volatilize which leaves the molybdenum more than 99.95 % pure and 100 % dense.

H.C. Starck continues to improve its electron beam melting processes to offer customers the most efficient and cost saving alternatives.