Surface Technology & Ceramic Powders

The H.C. Starck Surface Technology & Ceramic Powders GmbH offers a wide variety of thermal spray powders and complementary coating technology materials, as well as the most extensive non-oxide ceramic powder portfolio for advanced ceramics and high-end applications and also atomized metal powders for a broad scope of innovative technologies, e.g. Additive Manufacturing, Hot Isostatic Pressing, Metal Injection Molding, Laser Cladding and Plasma Spraying.

With the most extensive material portfolios in the industry – our products meet the highest standards of challenging applications in Industrial Gas Turbines, Oil&Gas Industry, Clean Energy Technologies as well as Aviation, Medical, Electronic, Automotive, Industrial Engineering and Petrochemical Industry.

Our two manufacturing sites in Germany are supported by our own spray lab – the heart of our thermal spray application technology, which enables us to develop customized solutions even for the most demanding applications.

Beyond the consistent high quality of our products, our outstanding material and application expertise, our certified manufacturing processes, as well was our secure raw materials supply, we offer overspray recycling as smart and profitable way to handle overspray material without any quality loss.


Advanced Metal and Ceramic Powders


AMPERIT® - Thermal Spray Powders