Executive Board

The Executive Board runs the company and leads its business. It develops the company’s strategy and ensures that this is implemented. The executives are bound to the company interests and committed to increase the sustainable growth of the company.

The Executive Board is responsible for the annual and long-term planning of the company and for the preparation of the annual and group financial statements. It regularly and promptly reports to the Supervisory Board on all issues relevant to the Group concerning strategy, the medium-term company planning, the business development, the risk situation and the risk management.

Dr. Engelbert Heimes
Chairman of the Executive Board (President & CEO)

Personal Vita
Dr. Engelbert Heimes was born in 1955 in Arpe close to Schmallenberg (Germany) and studied mechanical engineering at the RWTH Aachen University in construction and heating technology. He completed his doctorate in materials science at the nuclear research facility in Jülich (Germany). He is married and has two children.


Dr. Jens Knöll
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Personal Vita
Dr. Jens Knöll was born in Bensheim, Germany in 1971 and studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt. Subsequently, he received a PhD in the field of fluid mechanics at the University at Buffalo, USA. He is married with two young children.


Dr. Michael Reiß
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Personal Vita
Michael Reiß was born in 1971 in Kassel (Germany). Until 1996, he studied Process Engineering at the Clausthal University of Technology (Germany), where he earned his doctoral degree in Mineral Resources and Geotechnical Engineering in 2002