H.C. Starck Pushes the Limits of Physics with Technology Metals

NEWTON, Mass., USA, June 7, 2018 –The Fabricated Products Division (FPR) of H.C. Starck announces the introduction of its technology metals for high energy physics projects like particle acceleration. Particle accelerators are designed to speed up and collide sub-atomic particles like protons or electrons to break them into smaller, fundamental particles with the goal of understanding the physical laws of the universe.

“We at H.C. Starck are excited that our technology metals are advancing physics and the search for answers to questions being explored by the scientific community. It is of upmost importance to us to collaborate with our customers to develop materials solutions using the latest in cutting-edge technology to assist with these projects,” says Andreas Mader, CEO of the Fabricated Products Division.

Tungsten alloys from H.C. Starck are used as beam collimators and shields inside the particle accelerator. H.C. Starck’s niobium and tantalum refractory metals have unique properties that make them the primary choice for superconducting material to create the electromagnetic fields that steer and propel the charged particles to very high speeds.

H.C. Starck offers extrusion services to produce large diameter superconducting wire bundles employed in particle accelerators. H.C. Starck has supplied fabricated products including tungsten slugs used in the FCAL Section of the Atlas Detector of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

About H.C. Starck

The Fabricated Products Division, a leading global manufacturer of components made from refractory and other materials, is a Business Unit of H.C. Starck with operations in the United States, Europe and Asia. The H.C. Starck Group is an international leading supplier of refractory technology metals and technical ceramics, supplying growing industrial sectors such as electronics, the chemical industry, automotive industry, medical technology, aviation and aerospace, energy, environmental technology, machine and tool building from its own production locations in Europe, America, and Asia.


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