Toda Kogyo has acquired the Battery Products business of H.C. Starck

H.C. Starck GmbH of Goslar/Germany and Toda Kogyo Corp. of Hiroshima/Japan announced today, that Toda Kogyo has acquired the Battery Products business of H.C. Starck effective as of August 1, 2007. The parties have agreed not to disclose the transaction value.
“Based on our longstanding and fruitful relationship with Toda Kogyo, we believe that Toda Kogyo is an ideal partner for the future development of the Battery Products business,” explained H.C. Starck Managing Director Dr. Heinz Heumüller. “We are convinced that with the support of Toda Kogyo, the business will continue its growth path and work to further improve performance.” 

Mr. Toshiyuki Toda, President of Toda Kogyo said, “With the acquisition, Toda Kogyo Corp. can avail itself of a global supply network combined with its existing manufacturing facilities in Japan. The battery materials business unit of Japan has two factories, one in Onoda, Yamaguchi, and the other in Kita-Kyusyu, Fukuoka. The latter is producing 600 tons a year, that will be inceased more near future, of nickel oxides cathode materials for Li-ion batteries, commonly used in PCs and cellular phones and expected to be one of the promising batteries for HEVs. The acquisition also enables Toda Kogyo Corp to add cathode materials for the Ni-HM batteries to its traditional product line. The demand for Ni-MH batteries, currently used for HEVs, is also growing.“

The business relationship between Toda Kogyo and H.C. Starck goes back to 2003 when both companies started a joint development of a new type of battery cathode materials. Since then, H.C Starck has supplied Toda Kogyo with precursor materials from its Sarnia plant in Canada, which Toda Kogyo uses in the production of cathode material for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries. Based on strong R&D capabilities and material science know-how, the Battery Products division has developed a leading technology position in battery production. The production site in Sarnia is the only industrial scale production facility for spherical Nickelhydroxide (SNH) in the western world.

H.C. Starck GmbH is the world’s leading producer of specialty metals, advanced ceramics and electronic chemicals for a wide range of applications in high-growth markets such as electronics, chemicals, aerospace & defense, automotive, energy and medical equipment. The Company’s specialty metals portfolio comprises molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium and rhenium, which it offers along the value chain from chemicals/powders to sophisticated fabricated products. H.C. Starck is known as one of the technology and innovation leaders in its industry. In 2006, the Group reported sales of € 985 m and employed approximately 3,400 employees at 15 production sites across Europe, North America and Asia. 

Toda Kogyo was founded in 1823, and is the world’s leading manufacturer of iron oxide particles which are essential raw materials, or integral components of industrial and consumer products. The Company’s design concept optimally harnesses the chemical and physical properties of iron oxide particles for various applications and the experience gained from the manifold combinations of Toda Kogyo’s particle design elements is not only applied to iron oxides, but also to oxide materials for rechargeable batteries and numerous application areas of nanotechnology. Focusing on the battery materials on lithium nickel oxides, their research and development were started in 1992 and they have been marketed since 1999 as applying for hi-energy and hi-power Li-ion batteries. Toda Kogyo is continuing to focus its efforts on solutions that reduce the burden on the environment, enhance energy efficiency, and support a richer, more convenient and fulfilling life.

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