Statements regarding business progress during 2007

Goslar, 9 May 2008 – following a very successful financial year in 2006 H.C. Starck again achieved good results in 2007 and was able to increase sales in core business further. However as compared to the previous year the overall sales of the H.C. Starck group decreased to EUR 905 million as a result of the sale, respectively the conscious disposal, of the less profitable business sectors. In the year 2007 H.C. Starck GmbH achieved sales of EUR 572 million.
The concentration of the company portfolio on the key business sectors could be driven forward as planned with the sale of the battery business to the Japanese Toda-group. This strategy is to be continued with the planned sale of the Kieselsol-business in 2008. Besides these portfolio measures various projects for increasing growth and revenue were successfully initiated in 2007. In this connection especially the qualification offensive regarding the further training of our staff deserves special mention, and received a very positive reception.

In view of the measures undertaken H.C. Starck is well set to face the competition in a slowing global economy.

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