Dr. Michael Fooken Taking Over as H.C. Starck’s New Head of Research & Development

Munich, Germany, July 25, 2012. - On September 1, 2012, Dr. Michael Fooken will take over the research and development activities for the H.C. Starck Group in Goslar (Germany).
Dr. Fooken has extensive experience in the field of research and development in the chemical industry. Over the past 12 years, he has held various global positions within the Honeywell Group, including Head of Research for the Fine Chemicals division. Before that he spent many years in production as well as in research and development.

Dr. Fooken studied chemistry at the University of Münster (Germany) and earned his doctorate in electrochemistry in 1995. He holds more than 20 patents in the fields of energy storage materials and inorganic salts. Dr. Fooken is 47 years old, married, and has two children.

“As an experienced expert in the field of specialty chemicals, Dr. Fooken is an excellent addition to H.C. Starck, and we are very pleased to have him on board,” said Dr. Andreas Meier, President and CEO of the company. “With his scientific expertise and management experience, he will successfully drive on further advancements in our research and development activities, and thus play an important role in the overall success of the entire company.”

His predecessor, Dr. Gerhard Gille, is retiring on October 31, 2012. With more than 20 years at H.C. Starck, Dr. Gille played a key role in the company’s growth, thanks to his new procedures for manufacturing reaction mixtures, customized components for carbides and cermets, as well as nanoscale hard material powders. “Under the direction of Dr. Gille, many research projects were launched and carried out that made major contributions to H.C. Starck’s global success. These include the magnesium reduction of highly capacitive tantalum and niobium powders, the development of ceramic cells for SOFC technology, and the development of cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries for electric cars, to name a few,” said Dr. Meier. “We would like to thank Dr. Gille for his many years of successful work at H.C. Starck, and wish him all the best in the next stage of his life.”

About H.C. Starck
The H.C. Starck Group is a leading global supplier of refractory metals and advanced ceramics, and serves growing industries such as the electronics, chemicals, automotive, medical technology, aerospace, energy technology, and environmental technology industries, as well as mechanical engineering companies and tool manufacturers. H.C. Starck operates its own manufacturing facilities in Europe, America, and Asia. On December 31, 2011, the company had 2,816 employees in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, China, Japan, and Thailand. Additional news about the company can be found at: www.hcstarck.de/press; H.C. Starck Group Raw Material Procurement Statement.

Ulrike Reich
Director Corporate Communications