H.C. Starck and Japan New Chisso Corp. join forces for future market electromobility

Developed in Germany, manufactured in Japan: CS Energy Materials joint venture started production of cathode materials for high performance lithium-ion batteries.
Munich, Germany, July 9th, 2012. In June 2012, the newly built production facility of CS Energy Materials (CSEM) in Minamata (Japan) has been inaugurated by representatives of both joint venture partners H.C. Starck and the Japanese chemical company Japan New Chisso (JNC) Corp.. Immediately after completion of the facility construction, the plant successfully commenced test operations.

With the German-Japanese joint venture CSEM, the two joint venture partners H.C. Starck and JNC Corp. have secured a good starting position to enter one of today's most important future markets: In the near future, the CSEM plant in Minamata will manufacture cathode materials for high-performance lithium-ion batteries. This type of batteries is a key technology in the electric and hybrid vehicle market, which is expected to have above average growth rates worldwide. Thanks to a new and patent-pending manufacturing technology, CSEM will be producing cathode materials with extremely high performance quality. Research and development of the cathode material and the manufacturing technology take place at the CSEM site in Goslar (Germany), at H.C. Starck’s registered office.

"The on time completion of the first CSEM plant came true thanks to the hard work of many participants at H.C. Starck and Japan New Chisso, and thanks to the support of the local government authorities," said Kazuyuki Marukawa, Senior Executive Vice President of CS Energy Materials. "Our intensive efforts in research and product development, planning and testing of the production technologies at our sites in Goslar and Minamata are finally paying off: First test results from several big customers attest our cathode materials excellent quality."

CS Energy Materials was founded in September 2010. The foundation stone was laid for the production plant in Minamata about a year later. With the newly built plant, CSEM will be able to deliver industrial-scale volumes of high-quality cathode materials to the electric and hybrid vehicle industry.

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Ulrike Reich
Director Corporate Communications