H.C. Starck and rp+m Sign Development Agreement for 3D Printing Technology

Newton, Mass. (USA), December 3, 2014– H.C. Starck and Rapid Prototype and Manufacturing (rp+m) announce an agreement to develop advanced, innovative products using the latest 3D printing and technology metal manufacturing.

The agreement will promote development synergies by combining H.C. Starck’s strengths in fabrication of technology metals with those of rp+m, a leading provider of additive manufacturing solutions. Together both partners plan to develop new technology materials and alloys, products and technologies using additive manufacturing tools. For example, with 3D printing a single-piece molybdenum or tungsten component for medical imaging equipment can be produced more efficiently and to the most exacting specifications. Also, additive manufacturing provides the capability to rapidly develop prototype products all the way to production levels.

”H.C. Starck’s agreement with rp+m extends our capabilities and puts us on the leading edge to providing components to the medical and security imaging industries. It extends our portfolio with 3D lead-free products for collimators and anti-scatter grids for CT scanners, SPECT and gamma cameras using this latest technology,” said Dmitry Shashkov, Member of H.C. Starck's Executive Board and Head of the Fabricated Products Division.

”We are excited to accelerate focused efforts on our technology in refractory metals in BinderJet printing for additive manufacturing with H.C. Starck. This is a unique opportunity to gain access to the global market, advance processing material capabilities and push our technology forward. Our relationship with H.C. Starck will allow us to penetrate the market quickly and drive our strategy,” said Anthony Hughes, President and CTO Rapid Prototype and Manufacturing, LLC.

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The H.C. Starck Group is a leading global supplier of technology metals and advanced ceramics, and serves growing industries such as the electronics, chemicals, automotive, medical technology, aerospace, energy technology, and environmental technology industries, as well as engineering companies and tool manufacturers, from its own manufacturing facilities located in Europe, America, and Asia. In 2013, the company had about 2,800 employees in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan.

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Rapid Prototype and Manufacturing LLC (rp+m), an advanced manufacturing company that makes client use-case a priority, focuses on creating solutions to support clients from ideation through production. Their diversified engineering team, fabrication, 3D printing, & additive manufacturing technologies, and work in material development provides clients with whole-spectrum support. Born from traditional manufacturing, rp+m understands clients’ need for designs and materials that satisfy desired production outcomes using traditional, current, and emergent manufacturing methods.

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