H.C. Starck Jiangwu Tungsten Specialties (Ganzhou) Co.

H.C. Starck Jiangwu Tungsten Specialties (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd was founded in 2012 by H.C. Starck  and Jiangxi Rare Earth & Rare Metals Tungsten Group, one of the largest Chinese Tungsten mine operators. 

Based on the agreements, the Joint Venture consists of two companies located in the Chinese city of Ganzhou. Each partner holds the majority share in one of the two JV companies: JXTC in the production plant for ammonium paratungstate and tungsten oxide; H.C. Starck in the one for tungsten metal powders and tungsten carbides. The establishment and development of these two joint ventures will support the high-tech development of the tungsten industry in Jiangxi as well as in Asia. Production started in first half of 2014.

Ganzhou, also called "the tungsten capital of the world", is one of the largest cities in the Province of Jiangxi, which has large, natural-tungsten deposits. Advanced tungsten products are used for the manufacturing of high performance cutting tools, wear parts and mining tools as well as heavy alloy parts and high purity sputtering targets with applications in a variety of growth industries like automotive, aerospace, drilling and mining as well as medical and electronics industry.