Technology Metal Powders

Key materials for high-tech industry: powders, compounds, semifinished products and customer-specific parts from tungsten, molybdenum, niobium and tantalum and their alloys.

Fabricated Parts from Technology Metal Powders

Uniquely designed products fabricated from pure and alloyed molybdenum, tungsten, niobium and tantalum  refractory metal powders demonstrate exceptional characteristics for a multitude of high performance applications.

Additive Manufacturing 

High-Quality spherical refractory metals (Mo and W powders) and their alloys, and 3-D printed components for innovative and future-oriented applications of additive manufacturing. 

Recycling and Metal Processing Services

Tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum and niobium recycling. High-precision and CNC-controlled machines for customer-specific long forging, rolling and extruding of pure and alloyed materials.
Refractory Metal Recycling


News archive
Thursday, 10/04/2018

H.C. Starck Analytical Services is to become ChemiLytics

Goslar, October 4, 2018 – With immediate effect, the central laboratory of H.C. Starck, known to date as H.C. Starck Analytical Services, will become an independent company with the name ChemiLytics GmbH & Co. KG. The new company will remain part of the
H.C. Starck Group. Both internal and external customers can still access the entire portfolio of services and will continue to be looked after by the experienced teams from the former Analytical Services.
Wednesday, 08/15/2018

H.C. Starck Anticipates Further Improvement in Core Markets in 2018

  • Group sales in FY 2017 up 11 percent, at 767.3 million euros
  • Substantial investment activities lay groundwork for further growth
  • Successful sale of the STC and Tantalum/Niobium Divisions
Munich, August 15, 2018. H.C. Starck, one of the leading manufacturers of customer-specific powders and components made from technology metals and advanced ceramics, has posted a significant increase in sales for 2017. Sales for the past fiscal year, 2017, rose to 767.3 million euros, an increase of 11 percent over the previous year. This development was driven by the recovery of important core markets and by the successful implementation of a series of initiatives aimed at boosting sales and profitability. As of December 31, 2017, the H.C. Starck Group had about 2,600 employees worldwide.