Technology Metals / Refractory Metals

Key materials for high-tech industry: powders, compounds, semifinished products and customer-specific parts from tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, rhenium, and their alloys.

Technology Metals

Advanced Ceramics

Fascinating materials for technology and medicine: powders and parts from aluminum oxide, aluminum titanate, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, zirconium oxide, further ceramic materials, and SOFC powders.

Advanced Ceramics

AMPERIT® Thermal Spray Powders

Technologically advanced, high quality thermal spray materials for demanding applications in aerospace, automotive, oil & gas or power generation markets: carbides, oxides, MCrAlYs, molybdenum, metals and alloys.
Amperit Thermal Spray Powders
AMPERSINT® Atomized Metal Powders and Alloys
High-quality gas- and water atomized metal powders for innovative, future-oriented powder metallurgical applications.

Ampersint Atomized Metal Powders

Recycling and Metal Processing Services

Tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, and rhenium recycling. High-precision and CNC-controlled machines for customer-specific long forging, rolling and extruding of pure and alloyed materials.
Refractory Metal Recycling


News archive
Monday, 05/30/2016

H.C. Starck increases revenues despite weak raw materials markets

  • 4 percent gain in revenues in 2015 fiscal year
  • Positive, sustainable development in tantalum and niobium powders
  • Expansion of company management: Dr. Jens Knöll named as Chief Operating Officer
Munich, 30th May 2016. H.C. Starck, one of the leading manufacturers of customer-specific powders and components made of technology metals and technical ceramics, performed well in 2015 despite a difficult market environment. The company increased its revenues from the previous year to 815.2 million euros (2014: 785.9 million). By December 31st 2015, the company employed a total of 2,679 staffers worldwide (2014: 2,678).
Wednesday, 05/18/2016

CEO Dr. Andreas Meier leaves the H.C. Starck Group

Dr. Engelbert Heimes, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, temporarily assumes position

Munich, Germany, May 18, 2016. Dr. Andreas Meier, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board, will leave the H.C. Starck Group on May 20, 2016, to devote himself to new business tasks as Operating Partner at Advent International in the future. In this capacity, he will continue to be available as an advisor to H.C. Starck. Dr. Andreas Meier asked the H.C. Starck Supervisory Board and assembly of shareholders to be relieved of his duties. The boards reluctantly accepted his request.