Technology Metal Powders

Key materials for high-tech industry: powders, compounds, semifinished products and customer-specific parts from tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, and their alloys.


Fabricated Parts from Technology Metal Powders

Uniquely designed products fabricated from pure and alloyed molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, and tungsten refractory metal powders demonstrate exceptional characteristics for a multitude of high performance applications.


Advanced Ceramics

Fascinating materials for technology and medicine: powders and parts from aluminum oxide, aluminum titanate, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, zirconium oxide, further ceramic materials, and SOFC powders.

Advanced Ceramics

Additive Manufacturing 

High-Quality spherical refractory metals (Mo, Ta, Nb and W powders) and their alloys, and 3-D printed components for innovative and future-oriented applications of additive manufacturing. 

Recycling and Metal Processing Services

Tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum and niobium recycling. High-precision and CNC-controlled machines for customer-specific long forging, rolling and extruding of pure and alloyed materials.
Refractory Metal Recycling


News archive
Thursday, 06/07/2018

H.C. Starck Pushes the Limits of Physics with Technology Metals

NEWTON, Mass., USA, June 7, 2018 –The Fabricated Products Division (FPR) of H.C. Starck announces the introduction of its technology metals for high energy physics projects like particle acceleration. Particle accelerators are designed to speed up and collide sub-atomic particles like protons or electrons to break them into smaller, fundamental particles with the goal of understanding the physical laws of the universe.
Wednesday, 05/23/2018

Lift Off with H.C. Starck’s Niobium C-103 Alloy for Space Exploration

NEWTON, Mass., USA, May 23, 2018 – H.C. Starck’s Fabricated Products Division (FPR) has successfully launched its unique H.C. Starck niobium C-103 alloy for rocket and jet propulsion applications utilized in spacecraft and launch vehicles.