Practice to round out theory

Anyone who, like us, works in the markets of the future has to invest in tomorrow’s experts today. So we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of opportunities. Get to know us and gain your first on-the-job experience. Whether as part of an internship, to write a research paper or thesis, or as a student trainee in departments like Materials, Production, IT or Research & Development. Students who are serious about gaining practical experience and dedicated to and interested in our industry can seize the opportunity and take an active role in the daily business and projects at a worldwide leading technology firm like H.C. Starck. You will be fully integrated and can start developing a network of valuable contacts even before you graduate.                                                                               

Fair pay, individual supervision

It goes without saying that we treat students fairly and with respect. This includes teaching subject-specific skills, commensurate pay and exceptional and individual supervision. It would be our pleasure to help you as a student start creating a solid foundation for entering the job market.                      

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