Controller, Group Controlling

I have worked at H.C. Starck in Munich as Group Controller since the beginning of 2012. What I really value about my work is that I can take responsibility for challenging and varied tasks every day, such as creating different reports or steering planning processes. I also really enjoy working with international and interdisciplinary co-workers and teams. The wide range of different cultures and, of course, language adds a high level of variety and versatility to our work. Everyone involved brings a completely different point of view due to his or her cultural background, which results in enriching conversations and discussions. I think this is also essential, since the results of our work can only be optimal for the company if supervisors and co-workers are friendly, open and respectful of each other. The flat hierarchies at H.C. Starck are a real advantage here.

In our department, we conduct regular feedback rounds. These are really important for successful professional development at H.C. Starck, since we value openness and dedication a great deal here.