Laboratory Assistant, Research & Development

Even 15 years ago, H.C. Starck was one of the largest employers in Goslar and I was given the opportunity to start training as a Physics Laboratory Assistant. When I was done, I was offered a job in the Central Laboratory and started in particle measurement technology before moving to structural analysis. Since 2012, I have worked in x-ray technologies. I have been here a long time, but it has never been boring. Particularly, I enjoy gamma spectroscopy, because I find working with invisible rays very exciting. I have also attended a lot of seminars with equipment manufacturers such as Canberra, whose detectors we use. There are always new technical developments, of course, especially in the software used to operate the equipment. I really value the opportunities the company offers in continuing education.

The working atmosphere at H.C. Starck is very nice. Honesty, the ability to work in a team and respect are qualities that promote this atmosphere and that everyone should bring on board if they want to work here.