Supervisor, Production Tungsten 

I grew up in Goslar near the H.C. Starck plant and took advantage of the opportunity to train as a Chemical Technician right next door. A few years later, I was promoted to Assistant Foreman in Tungsten Reduction where I was able to gain a lot of job experience. I then decided to train as an Industrial Foreman in chemistry while I continued to work, because I needed these qualifications for my next job as Foreman in Carburation. The founding of our joint venture in Ganzhou (China) provided me with an opportunity to take a posting abroad in China to support the development and commissioning of a Tungsten Powder Production Line. The new cultural environment and spending so much time away from my family and friends presented me with serious challenges, though I enjoyed taking them on.

Overall, I would say that during the three decades I have spent at H.C. Starck, the dedication, skill and passion displayed in my team have positively influenced and shaped me on both a professional and private level. This has allowed me to pursue the goals I had set for myself and improve my communication with my co-workers and the people around me. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been offered here, especially with respect to developing my intercultural and language skills. My recipe for success: a great deal of hard work and sometimes the necessary pinch of luck.