System Administrator, Infrastructure Applications

I completed my master’s in mathematics and applied computer science at the University of Hildesheim and have worked at H.C. Starck in the Organization & Information Department since 2011, where I am primarily responsible for the Identify Management System (IDM). I also manage other IT systems, such as the corporate directory, Genifix applications, fax server and, in part, the Active Directory. To ensure that I can always bring them up to date, I participate in training seminars on a regular basis. When new software comes on the market, I get to learn about it through training. To date I have had the opportunity to take part in SQL database training, IDM training and in an internal training seminar for Hyperion database systems for business intelligence.

I really enjoy working with my team. When problems occur, we work hand in hand solving them together. We define shared goals and the measurements for achieving ideas from employees in all areas of our company when possible. Most importantly, the communication between employees and supervisors works well, despite the physical distance between us. I really feel a connection to my co-workers at the other sites. Building networks and maintaining connections is just my thing I guess.