H.C. Starck goes back to school

We are dedicated to awakening the interest of people in a career in technology or business early on, and preparing them for the transition from school to work. That is why the site locations, where we offer training, are in contact with many local schools. It would be our pleasure to come directly to your school or invite students to come to us for an informational event and tour of the premises to learn about H.C. Starck as an employer of choice and get to know our training and internship opportunities. Some site locations offer workshops that expand on classroom lessons, such as in chemistry. Our trainers have the enthusiastic support of trainees in each respective area, who can talk first-hand about the profession.

We regularly participate in trainee fairs to give high-school students a better idea of what professions in the natural sciences, technology and business area are like in theory and in practice.

Please feel free to contact our HR Team to find out more about what we offer. We look forward to hearing from you.

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