Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical Engineering

After completing my university-entrance diploma in 2011, I had to face many difficult decisions: what should I study? Do I stay close to home or move away? I am sure most recent high-school graduates feel the same way. I finally decided to enter a dual-mode study program in Electrical Engineering at H.C. Starck in Goslar. I completed the theoretical part at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences in Wolfenbüttel. I was the first to complete this dual-mode study program at H.C. Starck and was honored to be given that opportunity.

Joining H.C. Starck was clearly the right choice. I acquire new knowledge every day and can work independently. The atmosphere is relaxed and harmonious, and the field of operations is widespread. I can develop plans for electronic circuits, for example, and work on electrical appliances on my own. This takes a lot of manual skill and creativity. To complete my studies successfully, I am trying to question things that appear obvious at first glance and explore new topics long enough, so that I really understand them. In electrical engineering in particular, it is really important to view a problem holistically to find a solution. Practice makes perfect.