Cutting Machine Operator

I decided to start training at H.C. Starck in Hermsdorf after I finished high school, because I had long been aware of the company, especially since it has a very good public outreach program. I learned about H.C. Starck at job fairs at schools in our region, where the company presented its products and the areas where training was offered. I had gotten a lot of positive feedback from friends and teachers about the atmosphere at the company, how well everyone treated each other, and the exceptional level of knowledge transferred during training.

So far, I have learned how to turn, mill, file and grind. I have also learned how to operate electronically controlled machines and how to program them. I think it is good that all the tools I need for my work have a designated spot in our workshop. There is a place for everything here and everything is in its place, which makes my work much easier. The capacity for teamwork helps keep it this way, and plays an important role in my training and at H.C. Starck overall.

That is why I was pleased to be voted Chairman of the Youth and Trainee Representative Board in my very first year. It was a sign of the trust my co-workers have placed in me.