Electrician - Industrial Engineering

The first company I trained with told me right after I had started that they would have to close. It came as a real shock to me and everyone else. There I was with no trainee position at all. So, I was especially glad that I heeded the advice of my friends and applied at H.C. Starck right away. Here I was given the opportunity to train for the career of my dreams.

I am now in my third year and am still enjoying training just as much as on my very first day. Thanks to our trainer, we are often assigned tasks in the plants and get to take on some responsibility. We assist with new installations, for example, in constructing ventilation controls, and help the journeymen with troubleshooting. This shows how much my trainers trust me. It is very important to me to be able to learn new things every day and expand my base of knowledge. The hands-on assignments, close contact to our trainers, and learning as a group with other trainees allows me to do this. I like working in a team a lot. I have not yet thought about additional training options, but I definitely want to continue to move forward when I am done with my training. I think we should never stop learning.