Graduate Engineer - Technical Management

My career at H.C. Starck in Hermsdorf started in 2008 by training to be a Laboratory Assistant. When I was choosing a company to train with, its proximity to my home and the good development opportunities were the deciding factors. After training, I decided to get my Technical Diploma, which I completed in one year.

I stayed in contact with H.C. Starck during this time. In 2013, I returned to the company I had trained with. Initially for a three-month internship to prepare for university, then as a student in a dual-mode study program in cooperation with Plauen University of Cooperative Education.

For my continuing education, I never even considered working with any company other than H.C. Starck, because I did not want to give up the nice atmosphere and the reliability of my co-workers. I can count on them to help me out with my studies any time I have questions.

At H.C. Starck, I learned that you can achieve a lot with teamwork, reliability and assertiveness. I cannot wait to see what H.C. Starck has in store for me in future.