Industrial Ceramicist - Systems Engineering

As a second-year Industrial Ceramicist Trainee specializing in Systems Engineering, I can tell you a lot about H.C Starck. Here at the Selb site, I have already seen and learned so much. During my training, I have gotten to know quite a few departments. I worked in the Pressing Plant, for example, where I produced blanks for further processing and in the Quality Technology area where components are inspected and measured. To make a good impression in any of the departments, it is important to be reliable and on time. Since that is my nature anyway, it has never been a problem for me.

During my time here at H.C. Starck, my co-workers have always been friendly and helpful. That is why I enjoy working in this team so much. I also really like working on things independently. It is important to always work cleanly and with precision. This is the only way to become a good Industrial Ceramicist, which is my ultimate goal.