Industrial Clerk

After completing my advanced college qualifications in business, I decided to train as an Industrial Clerk at H.C. Starck in Goslar. I am now in my last year of training.

It has been wonderful to see so much of the company and the networks between the divisions at the company during this time. I started my training at the Tungsten Plant. This is important to ensure that those of us in Business Management Training understand production. Then I got to know a lot of different departments: Logistics, Human Resources, IT, Auditing, Raw Materials and Technical Purchasing, Sales, Marketing and Quality Management. In this range of very different areas, I always try to listen carefully and jot down all the important information.

I have enjoyed working in Logistics respectively Shipping and in Human Resources the best. So, I am very pleased to have the opportunity to write my thesis in Logistics on the disposition of Inter-European deliveries.

What I especially like about H.C. Starck is how respectfully and openly everyone treats each other. This is a decisive factor that helps me feel comfortable working in the many different divisions. I think the flexitime system is good, because it allows me to organize my working hours flexibly. H.C. Starck offers many opportunities that will allow me to continue my education and aim at higher positions, like Team Leader, such as through a course of study sponsored by the company.