Physics Laboratory Assistant

Working at H.C. Starck on a trial basis convinced me that the company could offer me a whole range of interesting responsibilities. I found the technology metal area attractive, because it is always changing and the demand for its products will continue to be high in the future. That means my prospects after training are also very good. By the way, H.C. Starck offered me the highest trainee pay as well. A factor which contributed greatly in making my final decision.

What I like most about my work is inspecting the physical properties of components. Therefor it is important to know the theoretical background. During training, in addition to honing my practical skills, like grinding and polishing, I have really expanded my knowledge of physics. I am now in my third year of training and well prepared for a job in my field when I am done.

The best thing about the working atmosphere at H.C. Starck is the upbeat mood and how willing everyone is to help each other. The overall tone is polite and calm. That makes working really pleasant, which is very important to me personally.