Completely Committed to Chemistry

As a Chemical Production Specialist, you are responsible for the industrial manufacturing of chemical products and take an active part in process development for these products. You direct, manage and monitor the production process using process measuring and control technology, and monitor product quality with chemical and physical methods. Your scope of responsibility also includes setting up, cleaning and maintaining machines and plants.

Opportunities at H.C. Starck

Practical training to become a Chemicals Production Specialist takes two years. During this time, we will provide you with opportunities to expand your skills by taking on a range of interesting tasks and new challenges and develop your own independent way of working.

During training you will learn about:

  • Monitoring and controlling production plants
  • Handling chemicals and manufacturing chemical products
  • Processing plastics and metal materials
  • Maintaining production facilities
  • Carrying out quality control measures
Training starts in our Training Laboratory, before moving on to our Production Plants and Training Workshops. You will also have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. You will learn about and apply the health and safety, accident prevention and environmental protection regulations throughout your training.

Show us your full potential

To set the right course for your future, you need to have completed a good certificate of secondary education. Your interest in and talent for the natural sciences chemistry, physics, mathematics and your mechanical skills are the best prerequisites for a career as a Chemicals Production Specialist.

We truly enjoy working with dedicated and team-oriented people who are curious, and ready to learn and grow. We will help you develop your sense of self as a responsible individual, which we feel includes qualities like a thirst for knowledge, an inquisitive mind, a zest for action, courtesy, and a sense of humor. Does this sound like you? Then we would be a great fit. 

And when you are done

We prefer to train our employees in-house, so there is an excellent chance we will be able to offer you a job as a Chemicals Production Specialist in one of our production areas when you finish your training. Working for H.C. Starck will offer you a range of opportunities for personal and professional development. In addition to professional experience, you will have plenty of opportunities to use your fresh ideas to make our processes more efficient and modern. Completing training does not mean the end of the line as far as qualifications are concerned. For example, as a Chemicals Production Specialist, you could go on to be a Foreman specializing in Chemistry or a Chemical Technologist.