Perfectly equipped for the future

As an Electrician for Industrial Engineering, your skills are in demand in almost any industrial enterprise, since it is your job to keep equipment up and running properly. You install, maintain and repair electronic equipment, production lines and processing plants ranging anywhere from switching and control systems to power supply plants and also set up communication and lighting technology. You work independently for the most part. As a skilled Electrician, you always work in full compliance with technical guidelines in accordance with accident prevention regulations.

Opportunities at H.C. Starck

Training to become an Electrician for Industrial Engineering takes three years. During this time, we will provide you with opportunities to expand your skills by taking on a range of interesting tasks and new challenges and develop your own independent way of working.

During training you will learn about:

  • Initializing equipment for power supply, communication and lighting technology
  • Installing wiring systems, data and energy lines
  • Installing and setting up machine and drive systems along with their pneumatic and hydraulic components
  • Assembling and wiring of control units and automation systems
  • Monitoring and maintaining equipment, conducting routine tests and taking immediate action depending on the failure and security requirements
Industrial training starts with a basic mechanical education before you are actively integrated into the work performed in the Maintenance Workshop and involved in maintaining production lines. You will learn about and apply the health and safety, accident prevention and environmental protection regulations throughout your training.
Show us your full potential

To set the right course for your future, you need to have completed a good certificate of secondary education. For a career as an Electrician, your talent for the natural science physics and mathematics along with good English skills are the best prerequisites. Impress us with your mechanical skills. Good color vision is essential for a career in this field.

We truly enjoy working with dedicated and team-oriented people who are curious, and ready to learn and grow. We will help you develop your sense of self as a responsible individual, which we feel includes qualities like a thirst for knowledge, an inquisitive mind, a zest for action, courtesy, and a sense of humor. Does this sound like you? Then you would be a great fit.

And when you are done
We prefer to train our employees in-house, so there is an excellent chance we will be able to offer you a job as an Electrician for Industrial Engineering in our Maintenance Workshop when you finish your training. Working for H.C. Starck will offer a range of opportunities for personal and professional development. In addition to professional experience, you will have plenty of occasions to use your fresh ideas to make our processes more efficient and modern. Completing training does not mean the end of the line as far as qualifications are concerned. As an Electrician, you could go on to become a Foreman, certified Engineer or attend training courses to continue your education.