ADVANCED CERAMICS - High performance Technical Ceramic materials

The term Technical Ceramics (also advanced or engineering ceramics) denotes inorganic, ceramic materials with an inimitably combination of physical and thermal qualities. They are constituted to replace materials that seam to reach their limits. Technical Ceramics opens new avenues for mechanical engineering, foundry, automobile and textile industry as well as electronics and medical industry.

Low density (compared to steel), chemical reliability, the excellent resistance & hardness and high thermal and corrosive resistance are only some of the outstanding characteristics of this high tech material. Technical Ceramics are often used for corrosive and wear applications as well as for high temperature appliance. The use of Technical Ceramics enables an economic process control and the highest lifetime.

The H.C. Starck product program covers ceramic powder as well as ceramic fabricated products of highest quality. H.C. Starck Ceramics GmbH in Selb (Germany) produces advanced ceramic powders, blanks and components to customer specifications in unique quality.

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