AMPERIT® CARBIDES - Maximum reliability through extraordinarily wear resistance, excellent bonding and low porosity

Thermal spray powders containing carbides are used to create wear-resistant coatings. The carbidic hard phase embedded in a ductile metal matrix gives layers a tremendous amount of hardness and excellent wear resistance. Thermal spray powders are well-suited for any product subjected to abrasion, erosion and wear.

H.C. Starck has integrated production facilities for its carbide supplies. 

WC-FeCrAl Powder

As a result, our AMPERIT® carbide program gives us unique flexibility in selecting the best suited primary carbide grain size and metallic binder. The program features tungsten carbide and chromium carbide containing thermal spray powders.

WC-based powders

Thermal spray powders containing tungsten carbide such as AMPERIT® 554–558 WC-Co-Cr, AMPERIT® 512-528 WC-Co and AMPERIT® 547 WC-Ni can be used at temperatures below 500°C.

Tungsten carbide coatings are characterized by unusually strong wear resistance; adding chromium to the metal binder significantly improves corrosion resistance. Tungsten carbide powders are extremely resistant to high pressure, erosion and wear, making them particularly suited to the demanding requirements of the steel, paper, and oil & gas industries. Typical applications include coatings for ball and gate valves, and hydraulic cylinders and pump components for the oil & gas industry, rolls for galvanizing lines in the steel industry and paper rolls in the paper industry.

Cr3C2 based powders

When used at temperatures exceeding 500°C, tungsten carbide coatings are not capable of providing the required oxidation resistance. In the case of higher temperatures, coatings containing chromium carbide (e.g. chromium carbide nickel chromium (CrC-NiCr) such as AMPERIT® 584-588) offer effective protection against hot gas corrosion in gas turbines or against oxidation and wear in pump housings, rolls and machine parts – even at temperatures up to 870°C. By means of adjusting binder content between 10 and 50 percent, hardness and ductility of the coatings can be precisely tailored to the specific application requirements.

In addition to our tungsten carbide and chromium oxide thermal spray powders with standard Co and Ni based binders, we now offer new carbide powders with highly alloyed matrices that significantly improve resistance of the surface coating to corrosion and oxidation.

Key to the consistent high quality of our thermal spray powders is our perfect combination of material and application know-how, certified manufacturing processes and secure raw materials supply (which includes our own overspray recycling chemical process). The Spray Lab – the heart of our thermal spray application technology – has the competence needed to develop custom solutions for everything from powders to complete coatings.

A sustainable and secure supply of raw materials

H.C. Starck’s raw material supply is founded on two pillars: the continuous expansion of our recycling activities and the fair, ethical, and environmentally friendly procurement of raw materials. Our responsible supply chain management ensures the conflict-free origin of the primary raw materials we purchase. As a result of our sustainable procurement process, we have been certified twice by the EICC as a “Conflict-Free Smelter.”