AMPERIT® PURE METALS, ALLOYS AND OTHERS - Thermal spray powders for the chemical industry and medical engineering

AMPERIT® metals and alloys are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from simple bonding layers for thermally sprayed oxide coatings to functional coatings that provide effective protection against corrosion – even in extreme conditions.

Cold gas-sprayed tantalum or niobium coatings, for instance, provide excellent corrosion resistance in non-oxidizing environments. These powders are often used in chemical engineering as they provide outstanding protection against hot sulfuric acid.

Coatings containing titanium powder are very wellsuited to the biocompatible surfaces of medical implants. In addition, titanium is resistant to corrosion by salt water, chlorine solutions and oxidizing acid solutions.

Nickel-based powders are characterized by their resistance to oxidation. For example, nickel-aluminum and nickel-chromium powders are wellsuited for bonding and intermediate layers applied under ceramic coatings to protect parts from corrosion.

Market driven and customized development

H.C. Starck has extensive knowledge in powder development and application technology. We are equipped to meet customers’ specific needs and requirements thanks to our wide-ranging production capabilities such as our spray laboratory and application technology department. Our competence to produce small batches of customized alloys makes us your partner of choice in developing new solutions, even for the most demanding applications. H.C. Starck’s experts provide customers with technical assistance and support, and a wealth of knowledge in materials and coating technology.

Sustainable and secure raw materials supply

H.C. Starck’s raw material supply is founded on two pillars: the continuous expansion of our recycling activities and the fair, ethical, and environmentally friendly procurement of raw materials. Our responsible supply chain management ensures the conflict-free origin of the primary raw materials we purchase. As a result of our sustainable procurement process, we have already been certified twice by the EICC as a “Conflict-Free Smelter.”

As a thermal spray powder manufacturer, our backwards integration of tantalum and niobium based powders and chemical overspray recycling puts us in a unique position to offer exceptional supply security and quality.