AMPERPRINT® and AMPERSINT® - Atomized Metal Powders and Alloys

H.C. Starck produces high-quality metal powders for countless applications in innovative and future-oriented industries.

Under the brand names AMPERPRINT® and AMPERSINT®, H.C. Starck offers a variety of water- and gas atomized metal powders which include Cobalt-, Nickel- and Iron based alloys.
Atomized Metal Powder Ampersint

H.C. Starck’s AMPERPRINT® atomized metal powders are engineered for the specific requirements of additive manufacturing. The powders are fully dense, have an excellent flowability and are perfectly reproducible. Therefore, AMPERPRINT® is the ideal choice for a variety of complex applications in demanding industries, such as aviation, dental, medical and automotive.

In contrast, H.C. Starck’s AMPERSINT® atomized metal powders are designed for the use in a wide variety of innovative manufacturing processes, such as hot isostatic pressing (HIP), powder metallurgy (pressing/sintering), metal injection molding (MIM), PTA welding and laser cladding. Examples include applications in the oil and gas industry (valve housings, pump parts and surface coatings for resistance to wear and corrosion), the automotive industry (valve-seat rings and diesel particulate filters) and in energy generation (fuel cells).

Additionally, H.C. Starck offers AMPERSINT® MAP pre-alloyed iron-based powders which are used as alternative binder systems for hard metal production. These iron-based binder systems are substitutes to conventional cobalt-based binders and are tailored for the hard metal industry.

Support Along the Entire Process Chain

To help ideas become successful solutions, H.C. Starck supports its customers as partners in the development and optimization of materials, products and processes. H.C. Starck’s application technology department has outstanding materials expertise, detailed knowledge of metallurgical and chemical processes and long-term experience in numerous innovative markets, applications areas and technologies. Moreover, H.C. Starck has an accredited chemical analysis department that monitors the manufacture of our products to precise specifications.