AMPERPRINT® – The Powder to Create

High-Alloyed Metal Powder Solutions for Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Since its early beginnings in rapid prototyping, curiosity about additive manufacturing has skyrocket in every single industry segment – and the 3D-printing boom continues. No wonder: Additive manufacturing opens completely new possibilities such as impressive design freedom, an improved part performance as well as shorter innovation cycles and lead times.

H.C. Starck has engineered its high-quality AMPERPRINT® metal powders specifically for the complex requirements of additive manufacturing. For optimal customer results, H.C. Starck’s state of the art AMPERPRINT® nickel, cobalt and iron based powders are fully dense, have an excellent flowability, a spherical shape and are perfectly reproducible.

Besides a broad selection of standard alloys, H.C. Starck’s portfolio encompasses various product solutions that have been tailored to customer requirements. Once the powder characteristics have been aligned to customers’ needs, H.C. Starck can produce any powder quantity, from lab scale up to medium or industrial scale production to support its clients properly through the various stages of product development.

To produce high-quality components, different additive manufacturing systems require different powder characteristics. Therefore, H.C. Starck’s powders are available in a wide range of particle size distributions covering the full range of additive manufacturing processes, including but not limited to selective laser melting, electron beam melting and laser metal deposition.

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In close collaboration with our customers we produce high-alloyed AMPERSINT® metal powders of all major standard compositions, such as nickel- (Ni), cobalt- (Co) and iron- (Fe) based alloys, refractory metals and their alloys (W, Mo, Ta, Nb), as well as customized solutions with tailored chemistries and particle size distributions. Available from small to large scale batch sizes.

Examples of AMPERSINT® powder alloys used for Additive Manufacturing
Ni-SA 625
FeNiCoMo (18Ni300)
CoCr (F75 and customized)
Ni-SA 713
Co HFA 1
Ni-SA 718
Co HFA 6
Ni-SA 939
Co HFA 12
NiCrFeMo (HX)
Co HFA 21
NiCoWCr (M004, M247)

Other standard alloys, customized product solutions as well as W, Mo, Ta, Nb and its alloys are available upon request.

The perfectly spherical powder shape, excellent flow characteristics, low oxygen content and high reproducibility of H.C. Starck’s AMPERSINT® powders ensure the repeatability, consistency and reliability of the Additive Manufacturing processes to achieve the optimum performance of Additive Manufacturing parts.

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