AMPERSINT® MAP – The unique binder systems for hard metal production

H.C. Starck offers unique pre-alloyed iron-based binder systems for hard-metal production ranging from low to very high binder contents.

Currently high quality hard metals are generally sintered from a tungsten carbide (WC) with a binder phase of cobalt (Co).

But this technology has been strained by volatile cobalt prices, the corrosive nature of hard metals in acidic environments as well as several environmental issues.

Hardmetal Drills Ampersint MAP
That is why H.C. Starck is dedicated to providing alternative binder alloys under the brand name AMPERSINT® MAP, consisting of iron with small amounts of supplementary cobalt. AMPERSINT® MAP, the new Fe-based binders have been developed for the specific needs of hard-metal production. They are an economically as well as environmentally viable alternative to conventional Co powders, with identical and even improved material properties in the according hard metal products. The carbon content can be individually adjusted to cater to specific hard metal applications, which enables the customization of materials and processes.

H.C. Starck’s AMPERSINT® MAP powders can be processed in the same manner as a conventional cobalt binder, namely as the binder for high-performance hard metals. In contrast to the use of traditional powder mixtures, lower sintering temperatures allow local eutectics to be avoided and therefore yield a uniform alloyed binder phase. Abrasion resistance, high-temperature properties and corrosion resistance of the binder metal can be adjusted by adapting the relative amounts of the elements Fe, Ni and Co. AMPERSINT® MAP powders effectively bind with other components in the mixture (WC and C) thus generating a superior hard metal product. The typical disadvantages of cobalt, such as precipitation, phase transitions and grain growth are all avoided.

A further advantage of this binder system in comparison to the use of cobalt is the significantly lower inhalation toxicity of the hard metal powders or grinding dust.

AMPERSINT® MAP A6050 in particular represents a proven binder alloy also suitable for less demanding metal applications, such as milling and finishing. However, AMPERSINT® MAP M types feature very high shock- and fatigue resistance and are highly suited for binder contents exceeding 10 %. Some typical applications can be found in the production of wood and stone cutting tools as well as wear parts.

We would be pleased to tell you more about our powder capabilities for alternative binder systems. Please contact us to learn more about our AMPERSINT® MAP powders. 

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