AMPERSINT® high-alloyed metal powders and AMPERWELD® carbides for Laser Cladding

H.C. Starck is considered as a specialist producer of AMPERSINT® high-alloyed gas atomized metal powders and AMPERWELD® carbides for Laser Cladding.

Laser Cladding technology is used to create high-alloy protective layers, which are coated on a low-alloy material in order to ensure corrosion- and wear-resistant protective coatings.

Turbine Blade Laser Cladding
A stream of desired powder is fed into a focused laser beam and deposited selectively just where it is required. Preferred powders range from stainless steels, cobalt- (Co) to nickel- (Ni) based alloys. Laser Cladding is being already used in several applications in automotive and aerospace.

The advantage of Laser Cladding compared to other methods is that the thermal input of the laser beam can be precisely controlled. Thus the Laser Cladding technology is suitable for both the protection against wear and corrosion of new components as well as the repair of damaged components – both require highest precision.

Laser Cladding technology is applied e.g. for extreme wear surfaces, cutting edge retention and components in highly abrasive conditions.

H.C Starck has developed a range of atomized powders, carbides and borides suitable for Laser Cladding applications such as:

  • Mining (mining bits)
  • Oil & Gas (pump components)
  • Industrial Engineering (seal surfaces, rolls, extruders)
  • Aerospace (turbine blades)
  • Automotive (drive train parts, bearing surfaces)

In addition the Laser Cladding technology belongs to Additive Manufacturing , which allows also creating solid 3D components with high design flexibility layer by layer (also known as laser deposition process).

In close collaboration with our customers we produce high-alloyed metal powders of all major standard compositions, such as nickel- (Ni), cobalt- (Co) and iron- (Fe) based alloys, hard materials (carbides), as well as customized solutions with tailored chemistries and particle size distributions. Available from small to large scale batch sizes.

Examples of AMPERSINT® and AMPERWELD® powder solutions used for Laser Cladding
Ni-SA 625
FeNiCoMo (18Ni300)
Co HFA 1
CTC (Cast Tungsten Carbide)
Ni-SA 713
Co HFA 6
MTC (Macroline Tungsten Carbide)
Ni-SA 718
Co HFA 12
Ni-SA 939
Co HFA 21
NiCrFeMo (HX)

NiCoWCr (M004, M247)410
CrB / CrB2

Other standard alloys and customized product solutions are available upon request.

The perfectly spherical powder shape, excellent flow characteristics, low oxygen content and high reproducibility of H.C. Starck’s AMPERSINT® and AMPERWELD® powders ensure the repeatability, consistency and reliability of the Laser Cladding technology to achieve the optimum performance of laser cladded parts.

Please contact us to learn more about our powder capabilities.