AMPERSINT® high-alloyed metal powder solutions for Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

The Metal Injection Molding technology allows economical production of small precision components with a high geometric complexity for small and large volumes.

Almost any metal can be processed to net-shape or near net-shape parts with complex geometries that exhibit special physical and mechanical properties.

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Typical applications are:
  • Medical (surgical instruments, implants, dental brackets)
  • Automotive (valves, miniature gears, engine components)
  • Industrial Engineering (machinery parts)
  • IT (hard disc drives and drive parts, fiber optic connectors)
  • Consumer (tool bits, jewelry, watch chains)

In close collaboration with our customers we produce high-alloyed AMPERSINT® metal powders of all major standard compositions, such as nickel- (Ni), cobalt- (Co) and iron- (Fe) based alloys, as well as customized solutions with tailored chemistries and particle size distributions. Available from small to large scale batch sizes.

The perfectly spherical powder shape, excellent flow characteristics, absence of agglomerates and internal voids, low oxygen content, high packing density and reproducibility of H.C. Starck’s AMPERSINT® powders ensure the repeatability, consistency and reliability of the Metal Injection Molding technology to achieve the optimum performance of the Metal Injection Molding parts.

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