AMPERSINT® high-alloyed metal powders and AMPERWELD® carbides for Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welding

H.C. Starck is considered as a specialist producer of AMPERSINT® high-alloyed gas atomized metal powders and AMPERWELD® carbides for Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welding.

The Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) welding is a thermal process for applying wear and corrosion resistant coatings. The Plasma Transferred Arc powders are mainly composed of nickel- (Ni), iron- (Fe), cobalt- (Co) based alloys and carbides, which are welded by plasma arc to protect the surface of the substrate.

Plasma Transferred Arc welding is used to increase the durability of the components, which are subjected to corrosion, strong abrasion, slurry erosion, thermal shock and strong shock forces.

Valves PTA Welding
Due to the high energy density of the plasma jet it also provides a high film quality and reproducibility of the properties, such as mechanical strength, wear and corrosion resistance and creep.

H.C. Starck provides tailored powder solutions for the specific demand on wear and corrosion resistance for a wide variety of applications, for example:

  • Oil & Gas (erosion & wear resistant parts - plungers, sleeves, seals, wear high-piping components)
  • Mining (ground engagement equipment for oil sands)
  • Automotive (engine valves, gears, springs)
  • Energy (valve seats, turbine nozzles, induced draft fan blades)
  • Industrial Engineering (furnace components in chemical and food processing, drilling tools)
  • Power generation (high-pressure steam turbine nozzles)

We offer a broad product range, from borides, carbides to high-alloyed metal powders for all welding applications. As a reliable partner for powder development we work on integrated and tailored product solutions for your specific requirements. Our powders are available from small to large scale batch sizes.

Examples of AMPERSINT® and AMPERWELD® powder solutions used for PTA Welding
Ni-SA 625
FeNiCoMo (18Ni300)
Co HFA 1
CTC (Cast Tungsten Carbide)
Ni-SA 713
Co HFA 6
MTC (Macroline Tungsten Carbide)
Ni-SA 718
Co HFA 12
Ni-SA 939
Co HFA 21
NiCrFeMo (HX)

NiCoWCr (M004, M247)

CrB / CrB2

Other standard alloys and customized product solutions are available upon request.

The perfectly spherical powder shape, excellent flow characteristics, low oxygen content and high reproducibility of H.C. Starck’s AMPERSINT® and AMPERWELD® powders ensure the repeatability, consistency and reliability of the PTA welding technology to achieve the optimum performance of welded parts.

Especially our Cast Tungsten Carbides (CTC) and Macroline Tungsten Carbides (MTC) provide superior wear and abrasion resistance for highest demands.

Please contact us to learn more about our comprehensive powder capabilities for Plasma Transferred Arc welding applications.