AMPERWELD®: Quality products for surface welding

As a leading manufacturer of refractory and technology metals, we are highly dedicated to one thing in particular: the first class possible quality with which we develop and manufacture our metal powders and carbides for a multitude of applications. With our focus on high quality standards and innovativeness, we offer powders for surface welding under the brand name AMPERWELD®. For all individual products, AMPERWELD® stands for highest quality manufactured goods. On the basis of the superior wear resistance properties of our powders for processes such as PTA welding or laser cladding, our AMPERWELD® products meet the most demanding requirements.

Three product categories. One quality: Carbides and borides, atomized metal powders and pure metals by AMPERWELD®

AMPERWELD® products can do a lot more than just surface welding. Our powders are applied in highest quality surface coating, such as spraying applications ranging from plasma spraying, cold gas spraying and high velocity oxygen fuel spraying (HVOF and HVAF) to sintering. Please click on AMPERIT® and AMPERSINT® to find out more about our entire portfolio.

Our premium products: Cast tungsten carbide and Macroline powder by AMPERWELD®

Cast tungsten carbides by H.C. Starck AMPERWELD® are among the highest quality products the market has to offer. They are particularly characterized by an extremely fine microstructure: With its "feather structure" in all particles, powder considerably exceeds common hardness values of eutectic cast tungsten carbides by far.

Furthermore, “premium” signifies that the particles of the AMPERWELD® Macroline powder, in addition to their core made of our high-quality cast tungsten carbide, are also equipped with a protective layer made of tungsten carbide. This provides the material with improved thermodynamic stability as well as outstanding layer properties. Therefore, our Macroline powder achieves wear properties that meet the highest requirements. These are true premium product characteristics for your added value.