AMPERWELD® Carbides and Borides

AMPERWELD® cast tungsten carbide meets the highest quality requirements for surface welding materials around the world. Through its particularly fine lamellar structure ("feather structure"), it is highly suitable for welding applications, both PTA welding and laser cladding require outstanding wear resistance also call for good weldability.

The particles of the AMPERWELD® Macroline powder, in addition to their core made of conventional cast tungsten carbide, are also equipped with a protective layer made of tungsten carbide. This gives the material improved thermodynamic stability as well as superior weldability. Moreover, AMPERWELD® Macroline prevents the formation of brittle phases during cooling. These product characteristics achieve a superior wear resistance that meets highest standards.

Chromium boride is predominantly used as a powder component in the manufacturing of cored wires. Titanium carbide and vanadium carbide are additional welding additives by AMPERWELD®. These materials can perfectly combined with iron and nickel matrix powders.

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