NIOBIUM – A material for innovations with great future potential

Niobium is a light gray metal with a gleaming white appearance on polished surfaces. It is characterized by a high melting point of 2,477°C and a density of 8.58g/cm³. Niobium can be easily formed, even at low temperatures. Niobium is ductile and occurs with tantalum in a natural ore. Like tantalum, niobium also features outstanding chemical and oxidation resistance.

A multi-talented material for optical applications, electronics and superalloys

Its combination of unique chemical and physical elements makes it particularly suitable for a wide variety of challenging high technology applications:

  • H.C. Starck's niobium oxides have a high degree of chemical purity and are used in the optical industry in the production of lenses for glasses and components for digital cameras
  • AMPERLOY® nickel niobium is used as an additive for superalloys to improve special steels. AMPERLOY® nickel niobium improves resistance to high temperatures as well as tensile loading and shocks due to vibration or impact
  • Niobium has superconducting properties at very low temperatures. For this reason, it is designated for use in the construction of particle accelerators
  • Niobium makes optical surfaces anti-reflective and simultaneously increases scratch resistance. Application examples here include touchscreens, monitors and optical lenses
  • Single crystals grown from lithium niobate are the base material used in radio frequency filters (SAW filters), which allow mobile communication and wireless data transfer without disturbance
  • Niobates, niobium oxalates and niobium chlorides produced by H.C. Starck are used as dopants for electroceramics and piezo ceramics, catalysts, ferrites and pigments
  • The stability of hard metal cutting tools is improved with niobium carbide, resulting in higher operating efficiency.

H.C. Starck is one of the leading suppliers of niobium products

As one of the leading suppliers of niobium oxide and niobium compounds as well as niobium semi-finished products and finished parts, H.C. Starck is a reliable partner for customers in any industry. Our niobium products are characterized by their consistently high quality and customized application technology support. With our experience and expertise in application technology we can provide product solutions for every technological challenge and specially adapted based on customer requests.

Niobium recycling system

Thanks to innovative niobium recycling processes, we are able to reclaim pure niobium from almost any type of niobium scrap or production remnants that contain niobium.