Environmental, Competent, Unique - Recycling at H.C. Starck

H.C. Starck is one of the few companies in the world with the ability to reclaim all technology metals and many high-performance ceramic materials via recycling processes. We lead the world in tungsten recycling. Our expertise is based on many years of development and unique processes, and allows us to provide environmentally sound recycling without loss of quality.


Closed-Loop – from recycling to recycling

With our “Closed-Loop” option, virtually all H.C. Starck products – blanks, components, powder chemicals and compounds – can be recycled after use. Even after multiple recycling cycles, they are again available for use in their original quality.

  • For example, tools out of recycled tungsten carbide are just as tough and precise as their precursors, whether in engine manufacturing or any other application where tungsten is used

  • After use, molybdenum catalytic converters can be converted to high-quality precursors almost without loss. The same goes for many other molybdenum applications, with the recycled molybdenum having the same qualities as the original product

Benefits of our Closed Loop Recycling Concept

Both economically and ecologically, there are much reasons for rigorous and sustainable recycling. The resulting added value for our customers and partners grows while raw material prices rise, and as our shared expertise grows through interconnected processes.

High quality

We can guarantee undiminished product quality from recycled raw materials, thanks to our cutting-edge technology and active quality management. H.C. Starck turns your production waste into high-performance materials.


Recycling is an attractive option for almost all metall products made by H.C. Starck. For example, we’ll take your production waste and use it to make products to your specifications. You provide us with the raw material, reducing your exposure to world raw material price fluctuations. That in turn creates supply security for your entire supply chain.


With many years of experience in sampling, H.C. Starck provides a transparent and fair assessment of incoming recycling materials. We have both the experience and the technical facilities for professional sampling and assessment


All of our recycling processes are certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001. In addition, our analysis laboratories are accredited, so you can depend on our processes.


We help you with the cross-border shipping of your production and processing waste in accordance with national and international European legislation.

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