MOLYBDENUM - Top choice for thermal conductivity and heat protection

Molybdenum is a material with a silvery-white luster, reminiscent of tin. With a density of 10.22 g/cm³, it is considerably lighter than tungsten, but has a similarly high melting point (2,620°C) and boiling point (5,560°C).

This high strength, tough, hard metal has excellent thermal conductivity, low heat resistance and low degree of thermal expansion.

High performance even at the highest temperatures

Thanks to these special properties, molybdenum is indispensable in many key industries:

  • Thin film transistors for photovoltaic systems require ultrathin molybdenum coating as a conductive metal layer
  • Due to molybdenum's low degree of thermal expansion, it is frequently used in the electronics industry for semiconductors and for thermal heat sinks
  • Molybdenum crucibles are very well suited for growing crystals in LED production
  • In high-temperature furnaces, molybdenum furnace linings provide excellent protection from heat radiation
  • For highly pure types of glass, the glass industry prefers glass melting electrodes made of molybdenum

Molybdenum with consistently high quality and availability

H.C. Starck produces molybdenum metal powders as well as molybdenum semi-finished and finished products of the highest quality. With our experience and expertise in application technology we can provide product solutions for every technological challenge and specially adapted based on customer requests.