RHENIUM - Rarer than gold

In the earth's crust, rhenium occurs even less frequently than gold. In its pure state, rhenium is a very hard, brilliant metal, similar to platinum, and can only be formed at red heat. Its melting point, 3,186°C, is among the highest of all metals. It has a boiling point of 5,596°C and a density of 21.03 g/cm³.

Primary application in superalloys and catalysts

Due to these unique properties, rhenium is indispensable in many key industries:

  • In the production of gas turbine blades, rhenium is used as an alloy additive in superalloys; primarily to increase the thermal resistance of the turbine blades
  • Platinum-rhenium catalysts are used in the production of lead-free, high octane petrol. In contrast to pure platinum catalysts, they have better regeneration capacity and are more efficient over the production run time
  • In addition, rhenium is used for semi-finished and finished products, such as anode plates used in medical applications.

Rhenium by H.C. Starck: high degree of chemical purity and consistent physical quality

H.C. Starck is one of the leading providers of rhenium powders and rhenium compounds. Our rhenium metal powders and rhenium pellets feature the highest degree of purity and consistent, certified product quality, which we guarantee. This guaranteed chemical purity makes it possible to manufacture superalloys with perfectly formed crystal structures.

Our service portfolio also includes comprehensive application technology support for product selection and process optimization as well as customer-oriented product modification and enhancement.

To ensure a sustainable supply of raw materials, we also offer rhenium recycling from used products and processing residues.