Social Responsibility

employees.pngH.C. Starck bears responsibility for its employees, their development and safety. Furthermore, H.C. Starck plays an active role in society and participates in a multitude of diverse social activities.

Employee developoment & occupational safety

For us to achieve long-term success, we need qualified and committed employees.
For this reason, H.C. Starck focuses on employee development, for example through training courses and continuing education programs, and on having an inspirational corporate culture; it also places value on having effective health and occupational safety strategies.
The Talent Management team in the Human Resources department plans and coordinates all the company-wide activities aimed at recruiting, retaining, and developing the potential of employees. The Health & Safety teams ensure employees at every H.C. Starck plant in the world enjoy a healthy and safe working environment. H.C. Starck complies with internationally applicable health, safety, environmental and quality guidelines.
The company regularly carries out safety inspections and workplace risk analyses, and offers intensive training courses to inform employees about potential hazards and how to react correctly in emergency situations.

Society & community engagement

society_150.jpgH.C. Starck focus is on having a strong local presence in the regions where its plants are located, and on development and growth in the chemicals sector.

This includes supporting young people in their academic and professional careers, contributing towards the dialog between science, business, and the community, and being active in professional networks.
There are numerous examples of H.C. Starck‘s community and social involvement. For example, the company supports a range of scientific programs, and young scientists at universities, and also holds presentations at conferences worldwide. Company tours, school visits to give students a taste of what is involved in various occupations, partnerships, offers of work placements and diploma theses, and presentations at schools and universities are all designed to help young people get a clearer idea about their future professional goals.

H.C. Starck’s employees worldwide also participate in a multitude of diverse social activities.