High-Performance Applications

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Technology metals from H.C. Starck are in particularly high demand for high-performance applications, many of which would not be feasible without these metals’ special physical and chemical properties.

Wear-resistant, precise, safe

For instance, H.C. Starck supplies ultra-fine tungsten powder for very heavy-duty drilling and cutting tools, and molybdenum sputter targets with a special metallic texture for large flat-screen televisions.

Our materials can be found in many key technologies. For example, they are helping to locate and extract valuable raw materials thousands of feet underwater. Tungsten carbide from H.C. Starck makes drill bits extremely hard-wearing, while critical sections of drill pipe can be protected against corrosion and wear with H.C. Starck spray powders, for a longer service life and thus higher operating efficiency.

Tungsten-based components from H.C. Starck also enhance the reliability, precision, and safety of radiology devices, guiding X-ray beams accurately and making a major contribution to diagnostic certainty.