Innovations lead to sustained success when they provide answers to the challenges of global markets and trends. Our portfolio is aligned towards dynamic growth markets, and helps our customers to profit from global megatrends like Renewable Energy and High-Performance Applications.

Technology metals and high-performance ceramics manufactured to special requirements enable our customers to create market-leading technological innovations, and thereby gain a clear competitive advantage.

Research and applications technology working together

Our innovativeness is based on two foundations. One is our strong commitment to research and development. The other is our profound understanding of applications technology. Over 140 people work in our research department on the development and improvement of materials, products, and processes. They work closely with our customers’ applications technologists, as well as renowned universities and research institutes, for a direct linkage between research and applications technology. All new developments, whether product innovations or process improvements, are tested for their practical utility and modified for specific customer needs.

The results are impressive: Over 900 patents worldwide and another 900 patent applications, almost 450 of them in the last five years, as well as ongoing optimization of cost structures, stable product quality, and shorter processing times. In the area of recycling we have expanded our expertise to include other materials, and have developed new recycling technologies.