miniaturisierung_cent.jpgTantalum capacitors
on one cent coin


Electronic devices are ubiquitous, and H.C. Starck is part of them almost everywhere. Ever smaller devices are expected to perform ever more functions with ever greater data volumes. 

This requires high-capacity electronic storage material like our patented ultrahigh-capacity tantalum powder, which allows capacitors to be made ever smaller.

A gram of powder has over ten square meters of surface, to store huge amounts of electrical charge. Modern communication devices like smartphones and tablet PCs would be almost inconceivable without this material.

Smaller, faster, more capable

The latest analytical technology permits new material variations that can be used in a wide range of innovative technologies. For example, the very small but very capable camera lenses in cellular phones and smartphones are a result of our high-purity niobium and tantalum oxide, which are used as a dopant to greatly improve the refractive index of extremely modern optical glass.