Renewable Energy

Energy is one of the most important problems the world faces. Renewable energy sources are one answer to limited resources. Photovoltaic, wind power, and fuel cell technology are true growth markets with high potential for innovation.

For these markets, H.C. Starck offers innovative product solutions that assist in the collection and storage of renewable energy, and that help improve energy efficiency.

H.C. Starck is an experienced and expert partner for the photovoltaic industry

Our molybdenum sputter targets are used as coating materials for back contacts in thin-film solar cells. Their superior density, optimized metallic microtexture, and individual design options enable a longer target life, making them an ideal response to the increased pressure to reduce manufacturing costs. Our molybdenum is extruded in North America in the world’s largest extrusion press for technology metals, and is used in applications such as wind turbine heat sinks. Naturally we also offer customers interesting recycling options here as well.

With our special ceramic and metallic materials and components, we are also involved in extending the applications for fuel cells. With their high efficiency, these energy-saving cells are particularly environmentally friendly.