Management Systems


Satisfied customers are the foundation of our long-term business success. As a result, our goal is to continually meet our customers’ expectations of our products and other services.

In order to reliably ensure that this is the case, the H.C. Starck Group has implemented various internal management systems. These are based on international standards and encompass of all areas of our company.

H.C. Starck leverages certified quality assurance tools and systems to ensure our materials are uniformly consistent, standardized, processable and pure. Our complex and demanding product approval procedures form the basis of our long-term customer relationships.

To ensure customer satisfaction, the optimization of our production processes and results, product quality and delivery reliability, we exploit a variety of manufacturing methods and techniques such as lean manufacturing, Kaizen, Six Sigma and the Theory of Constraints. In doing so, we are able to continually enhance productivity, process efficiency, waste reduction and our cost structure.

In addition to the existing management systems, one company in our Group, H.C. Starck GmbH, also employs an energy management system pursuant to ISO 50001 – one of the first companies in Germany to do so.

Furthermore, the H.C. Starck Group also operates what is known as a “Responsible Supply Chain Management System” (RSCM) based on international standards. This system ensures that the procurement of raw materials for the Group’s global production processes is carried out under consideration of social and ethical aspects.

We hire independent, internationally accredited certification organizations to objectively evaluate our management systems.

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